Delivering high quality affordable medicines

Trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies, we have strengthened our leadership in India’s pharmaceutical industry.

Affordable Medicines

Affordability of medicines has to be ensured so that no person in need of it has to suffer. This is especially true in India where a large number of people are still poor.

Quality Practices

Good manufacturing practice for methods and the facilities used for the manufacturing, processing, packing and holding of drugs to assure that drugs meets the requirements of the act as to safety, and has the identity and strength and meets the quality

Innovative Technologies

We use new and innovative technologies in our work. As biology and technology become ever more closely intertwined, new opportunities are emerging to improve healthcare through the use of innovative digital technologies.

Modern Packaging

All our medicines are provided with modern and durable packaging. The arrangements made with the objective of ensuring that the medicines are protected against all adverse external influences and of the quality required for their intended use.

Our Products

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